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Frontals, closures, custome hairline, HD lace Trans[arent lace


Basic Closure Hairline is Most recommended  for my beginners! The basic closure effect is super flat and with no baby hair. No access lace and zero maintenance. (100% Glueless). This is recommended for middle parts. 


The Closure w/ Frontal effect is a Free Part Closure that imitates a Frontal allowing versatility and (100% Glueless). THis effect requires some maintenance if baby hairs are added. 


The closure w/ baby hair is the most popular. Everyone loves baby hairs BUT it is important to know how to KEEP up with your baby hairs. I do not recommend using heavy gels or edge control for baby hairs. This will cake up on the hairline causing it to prevent a seamless illusion. Moose is recommended with a light spray of melting spray. 

Size Matters!

Head measurements are important for a glueless fit. Knowing your dome size allows for the wig to actually fit like a custom unit and provides a tight glueless fit when installing. The diagram  shows the general measurements  

Closure Wigs!

Closure wigs are 100% Glueless and are most recommended for a glueless install. Closures are versatile in style and are low maintenance. Personally, this is my favorite size lace. You can request many different hairline styles. 

Frontal Wigs

Frontal Units can be sized at 13x4, 13x6 or a Full lace. Frontals provide the most Versatility and natural hairline illusion. frontals require more maintenance. Lace Balding is possible if not being properly cared for or LOW DENSITY LACE. Frontal wigs are not glueless UNLESS installed properly by a hairstylist for a glueless fit. 

Measure your head size , dome size, wig size. small 21' ,medium 22' ,large 23'

Understanding Density = IMPORTANT !!


Wig Density 

UDreams units are at STANDARD 180% Density 

180% Density = 3 bundles | Used best for 16-26 inches.

200% Density = 4 Bundles | Used best for 26-40 inches.

250% Density = 5 Bundles | Used best for 30-40 inches.


LACE Density 

Lace Density is different from WIG density. It indicates how FULL your lace will be. Which is a HUGE FACTOR in blading and lace longevity. UDream’s lace is between 150% density. The most recommended is not too thick or not too thin. 


How thick is your lace? Lace density is importact. 180% density is average.


There are 3 different kinds of caps. Jewish Cap, Dome cap, Ventilated Caps.

 UDreams signature cap is the Jewish Cap. Or as we call it the Strapped Cap! This cap has adjustable straps in the back for a more secure feeling. Dome Caps can also be chosen as your preferred cap as well. 

What kind of CAP is best? Jewish cap with straps and comb, or Dome caps with nostraps
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