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UDream Hair Co. creates luminous custom lace WIG  that encourage all women to express themselves effortlessly, while protecting their natural hair, and encouraging hair growth. Flaunt Your Dreams!

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When it comes to my relationship with hair, I immediately think of it as being stylish, free, diverse, and expressive. It's a tool for my emotions, mood, and vibe. Growing up, my natural hair has either had me frustrated and fed up, or made me feel luminous, confident, and in control! Digging into the root of it all, I can now say that my naturally thick, curly hair ignited the love/hate relationship we all have with our hair. That is what birthed the creativity in me. I'm a 4C girl! I had to learn very quickly how to take care of my hair so

that it would take care of me. Besides, who doesn't love when their hair is feeling and looking its best?

That is why I put my all into each unit I make. Why?

Because I've watched front and center how units can make a woman feel beautiful again, how they can make a cancer survivor feel like the ultimate beauty warrior. Providing her with scalp realness makes even the most defiant a believer. That being said, taking myself and everything I do serious, I have taken my passions to the ultimate level & become certified in all I desire. I am a certified Cranial Prosthesis for our hair loss  Beauty Warriors. I am a certified Microlink Specialist for our natural or pressed ladies who likes sewins without the braids or tension! A luxurious service that promotes hair growth.

Not my last, but my very first certification in Machine Wig Making making me a certified Wigologist! UDream is my DREAM!

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